Saint Patty's Ride-No Sunglasses Required

in 2020 Articles

In February we planned a nice route designed for a cold winter day – shorter distance, lower speeds, deserted backroads.  But two inches of snow canned that ride.  So we tried again in March.  Iffy forecasts tamped down participation to just Larry and Dave who left in a light drizzle with hopes of clearing and sunshine – which wasn’t to be.  In fact, no sunglasses ever came out.  The roads were enjoyable and the weather cool, but tolerable, with only occasional light drizzle.  We enjoyed lunch at BigUns BBQ near Talking Rock. While having lunch the only heavy stretch of rain fell. 

The afternoon ride was equally pleasant and mostly dry, but temps never approached the “near 80’s” foretasted, more like near 60’s until… an hour after arriving at home, the skies cleared, the sun shone, and the temps did hit 80!  Oh well, plenty more riding ahead.  Join us next time.